Jarkko Hietanen

Jarkko Hietanen is a feature film composer and sound designer who writes music for TV, games and other media as well. He has written unique music for such productions as Porsche Racing films, Splinter Cell: Extinction Web Series, film trailers, a feature western film and award winning short films as well as has experience in sound design for mobile games, trailers and short films. While these are just a handful mentioned, Jarkko's experience in the field of music and sound for media is vast and colorful.

In the midst of writing tailored music and doing sound design for specific productions, he also provides a wide range of music styles for production music libraries. Any direct licensing inquiries can be addressed to Jarkko himself using the contact information on this page.

The Latest

L4ST - The Last of Us fan film

Music for a fan film tribute to the hit game "The Last of Us".

The new Porsche 911 RSR. Quintessence of a success story

Custom edit of an existing cue for Porsche Racing.

The Man at the Counter

Original score for an award winning short film about love and sugar packets.



  • Splinter Cell: Extinction
  • Dawn of Conviction
  • The Man at the Counter
  • Tunnevammoja (No Heart Feelings)
  • Poseeraus (Pose)
  • 8 to Five on Cleveland
  • L4ST
  • Inferno
  • Raimo ei näytä Kevin Costnerilta (Raimo Doesn't Look Like Kevin Costner
  • The Electrician


  • Amish Mafia on Discovery
  • Canada's Worst Driver
  • Storage Wars Canada
  • Hardcore Heroes
  • Strip 'N Rip
  • Madventures
  • Last Car Standing


  • Zum Geburtstag (A Pact)
    "Absolom" playing at 00:54 - 01:20


  • Anvia
  • HAMK Stories
  • Obscure Entertainment Showreel 2013
  • OK Perintä
  • Porsche Racing
  • TAKK
  • TAKK #1
  • TAKK #2
  • TAKK #3
  • TAKK #4
  • Tamware





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