Diablo IV - Video Game Music
Video Game
Excited to announce that I had the opportunity to write music for the new Diablo IV video game! The music was mainly written for one of the dungeons called "Forsaken Quarry”, but it's also used in other locations throughout the game such as the ”Black Asylum”, ”Nostrava Stronghold”, ”Charnel House” and others. The game utilizes randomization in it's music, so each time you enter a dungeonthe music sounds slightly or sometimes much different. I had fun creating the track by recording different interesting material such as a gong in an underground bomb shelter and metallic hits on the bomb blast doors that I heavily warped and mangled afterwards to fit the diabolical atmosphere of the game and the quarry setting. Big thank you to Ted Reedy, Leo Kaliski and Derek Duke for giving me the opportunity and to everyone else who worked on the game! The music the main composers wrote for the game is just fantastic, I recommend you to go check out the soundtrack album as well.
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